New York City Football Club

Identity & Kit Proposal

New York City Football Club Crest

On May 22nd, 2013 it was announced that a new club, the New York City Football Club, would become the MLS's 20th franchise. The franchise rights were purchased in collaboration by the Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) and the New York Yankees. As a designer and lifelong football fan, I took this unique opportunity and developed a new identity & kit proposal for NYCFC. This page showcases my efforts & process.

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with the New York City Football Club, Manchester City Football Club, or the New York Yankees. All logos on this page are copyright their respective owners.

Project Description

Create an identity/kit package for NYCFC that pays homage to Manchester City FC and the New York Yankees, while still being usable as a standalone club entity.

Design Language

Club Badge

New York City Football Club Crest

Football badges have a unique style that tends to be quite different than your typical American sports logo. Football badges are subtle in their message drawing upon tradition and symbolism whereas American sports logos are more in-your-face and mascot centric. As the MLS grows into a more competitive and respected league worldwide, it is important that the member clubs utilize a design language that speaks to the international football community. The NYCFC badge should stand out and be instantly recognizable, but also not look out of place when put beside the biggest international clubs like Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Juventus, and, of course, Manchester City.

Key Concepts

NYCFC Badge NYCFC Badge Comparison NYCFC Supporter Scarves

Player Kits

NYCFC, MCFC Kit Inspiration

Historic MCFC kits were taken into consideration when designing the new NYCFC kits and loose inspiration is drawn from this heritage. The iconic sky blue color carries through to the NYCFC color palette. The MLS has a league-wide kit sponsorship deal with Adidas and, as such, the proposed NYCFC player kits are by Adidas. Manchester City's current kit sponsor, Etihad Airways, is carried over to the NYCFC kits here.

Key Concepts

A.  Primary Kit

NYCFC Primary Kit

B.  Secondary Kit

NYCFC Secondary Kit

C.  Third Kit

NYCFC Third Kit

D.  Goalkeeper Kit

NYCFC Goalkeeper Kit
NYCFC Color Palette

Number Set

Although the MLS uses a standard number and player font set for all of their club kits, a special NYCFC number set was developed for use when the club plays outside of normal league competition.

NYCFC Number Font

About the designer

Mike Retrum is a 29 year-old designer/developer and lifelong soccer fan currently living in California. Contact him here.